Aspiration for Positive Contribution

Aspiration for Positive Contribution - Protect Project Conference

Education, and in particular, schools is one of the main seed-beds of aspirations among young people, including the aspiration for positive contribution. How well are black and minority  ethnic parents doing in supporting the education of their young? Academics have long recognised that, outside of school, parents play a critical role in supporting their children […]


Education - Protect Project Conference

The primary site for achievement for children and young people must be formal and informal education. Yet formal education, in the form of schooling, one of the main routes for achievement for all children and young people, has been shown by over 40 years of research to be problematic for black and minority ethnic children […]


Covid-19 - Thank You NHS

Covid-19 fatalities The current pandemic has served to exacerbate and highlight the long standing health inequalities affecting black families. Indeed the government’s own inquiry into the over-representation of black and minority ethnic communities in Covid-19 fatalities concluded that poverty as well as underlying health issues is in part to blame. Research confirms that: The link […]

Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters - Luton Children Conference

A number of research studies contend that professionals can face challenges in engaging black parents in child protection practice for safeguarding at risk children from harm, and many of these families are described in the available literature as difficult to reach. These groups include, families living in gang associated neighbourhoods, trafficked and sexually exploited children, […]

The Birth of Protect Project

The Birth of Protect Project - Junior Badila at Protect Project Conference

Child abuse cuts across culture, faith and social class, but official statistics in the UK indicate a disproportionate representation of black African children in the social care system. The death of Victoria Climbie in 2000 at the hands of her guardians, the case of eight-year-old Angolan girl who was dumped on a Hackney street in a […]