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Aspiration for Positive Contribution

Aspiration for Positive Contribution - Protect Project Conference

Education, and in particular, schools is one of the main seed-beds of aspirations among young people, including the aspiration for positive contribution. How well are black and minority  ethnic parents doing in supporting the education of their young?

Academics have long recognised that, outside of school, parents play a critical role in supporting their children to get the most out of their lives, and the Every Child Matters five outcomes include clear expectations about how parents, carers and families are expected to contribute to the well being of their children, as well as an acknowledgment that black and minority ethnic parents face well documented challenges, and need information and support from services which will help them to care for their children and equip them with the skills they need to ensure that their children have optimum life chances and are healthy, safe and are able to contribute to society positively.

Studies looking at black and minority ethnic families show evidence of these families being over-represented in the social indicators which are known to cause poor outcomes for children and young people:

  • Poor schooling experiences, such as high rates of underachievement
  • More likely to live in disadvantaged neighbourhoods,
  • More likely to be in low income jobs and unemployed


Available studies suggest that black and minority ethnic families may face a number of challenges in their ability to support their children to achieve optimum outcomes. The current Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted that they are also over-represented in low paid, frontline jobs, as well as experience poor health statistics

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