Protecting our Children

Protect Project

Established 2013


Protect Project was founded as a response to the Government’s National Action Plan. The Government created this action plan for anyone who works with children to raise awareness of child abuse linked to faith or belief.

We identified problems and solutions to protect African children from cultural and faith practices such as witchcraft. We also raise awareness of child abuse linked to Female Genital Mutilation(FGM), Child Trafficking and Domestic abuse.

Protect Project

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Covid-19 fatalities The current pandemic has served to exacerbate and highlight the long standing health

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International Development
International Development - Protect Project

International Development

In 2015, the UN member states adopted 17 goals to end poverty and protect the planet. Likewise, we are working together with other organisations in he Democratic Republic of Congo to deliver 3 these goals.

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Protect Project

every child matters

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We work to achieve our vision by providing services and programs that gives help to parents and children in distress.

Protect Project

main causes
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