The Solution to Child Protection.

The Solution to Child Protection.

Child protection is domination the headlines more and more today. It is fair to say that the clear majority of children in United Kingdom grow up safe from harm. However, recent cases most notably baby P, Jimmy Savile and sexual abuse within football clubs paints a different picture. The alleged crimes include:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Conspiracy to rape
  • Trafficking for sexual exploitation and
  • Kidnapping.

These few high-profile examples underline the need to intervene earlier to increase awareness among young people of the risks and enhance their resilience when finding
themselves in risky situations.

If you speak to people who already volunteer, they will tell you they do it because they love it. This raises the question, why go on to abuse the very people you are protecting as shown in Savile’s case? In recent year, the government has come up with different action plans to answer this question. It is important to stress that regulations, laws and action plans work effectively when policed. This means that anyone who works with children, government agencies and charities should be very active engaging the communities. Not only does this give every child a chance to succeed, it gives the chance for whole communities to prosper.

Unlike anyone else, Protect Project is providing practical help to African parents and faith leaders. We see this as key to successful implementation of the action plans. Belief in witchcraft, spirit possession and other forms of the supernatural can lead to children being blamed for bad luck. This leads on to child abuse.


Child ProtectionWe are creating and promoting a culture in which children can connect to the world around them. The ability to discover what matters for them while at the same time can sport and report abuse. This gives them an opportunity to live life fully without looking over their shoulders in fear of attack.

It is everyone’s responsibility to understand cultures and beliefs and to encourage change towards safeguarding children.


For more information and to find out how you can get involved, visit our website at and our e-mail address is or you can call us on 01582561525.

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